General Wash FAQ

What type of services do you offer?

We offer exterior car washes as well as free self-serve vacuums to car wash customers.

Do you offer monthly plans?

Yes, please see our wash club page for information and to purchase a plan online.

Do you offer business/fleet accounts?

Yes we do! Please stop in and speak to our site manager about the types of accounts we offer or call us at any time.


Can I pay for my interior to be cleaned?

We do not offer interior services at our location. We do however offer free self-serve vacuums to our wash customers.

Can I wash my open bed pick-up truck here?

Yes, we just require that all beds are clear of any debris before coming through the tunnel as damage can be caused to either vehicles or our car wash equipment.

Can your attendants pre-wash an area of my car?

We have two attendants stationed at the front of the wash with pressure washers to spray down your vehicle. If you have a specific request, please let one of them know and we will happily try to accommodate.

What are the vehicle requirements to enter the wash?

Vehicles must be under 7'2" in height, have 4.5 inches of clearance from the ground, and tires must not exceed 13.5 inches wide in order to fit into the wash.

I have a bike rack or bug shield, etc. is it safe?

Unfortunately, we cannot have any vehicles with rear mounted racks come through our tunnel. Bug shields, luggage racks, and other after-market products are generally safe. With that being said, we cannot guarantee that yours will be OK. We can only assure you that vehicles and factory parts that are newer than 7 years will be safe during the wash.


What type of material is used in the wash?

We use a soft foam-like material called neo-glide to handle the cleaning of your car. This material does not hold dirt and is safe for all paint types.

Why is my car still dirty even after washing?

We strive to provide the cleanest cars possible. However, due to this being an automatic car wash some dirt and bugs that get caked onto the paint will not be removed as the amount of force required would risk damaging your vehicle. It is always best to remove bug splatter and stains immediately. If you're not satisfied with your wash, please see a manager and we will be happy to look at your vehicle and give you a re-wash at no charge!

Why is my car still wet after the dry cycle?

We use 7 high powered blowers to remove most water from the vehicles surface. However, there will always be some water left on the vehicle. We use what's called a spot free rinse right before the blowers so whatever water is left will dry virtually spot free.

I have another question that's not answered here.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have! Please click here to send us your questions or any feedback you may have.